How to pay with Bitcoin

We accept bitcoin payments on our platform. Note that in this business, the “risk goes with the money” hence NEVER think of Cash on Delivery as an option because it will NEVER work out be it with us or with any other online drug shops. The “Risk goes with the money” and vice versa.

Clients are advised to use their Bank Account/PayPal account/credit/debit card at or to buy bitcoins; we recommend bitcoins as the safest and most anonymous means of payments. Contact us for any clarifications on making payments using bitcoins.


BTC (bitcoins) remains our preferred means of payment as it offers 100% anonymity.

  • If you are new to BTC, we recommend 3 options for your best suited which will help you know what bitcoins is. Option 1Option 2 and Option 3. (Note that every link we provide to you here, is a trusted and secure link. If you are not new to bitcoins and you have your own links or websites which you use, then kindly disregard this step-wise guide).
  • To buy bitcoins faster online using a credit card or PayPal account, there are several options available. But we recommend that you buy from companies through Option 1, Option 2 (Options 1 and 2 are US-based) or Option 3 (UK Based), or you buy from local vendors through Option 4.*If you do not want to open a Bitcoin wallet for yourself, you can Contact Us to request for our Bitcoin address which you can use with your LocalBitcoins exchanger from Option 4 above. Your order will be confirmed once we receive funds and it will be processed and shipped within 24 hours.
  • Watch this video and follow the steps to be sure of how to buy bitcoins online.
  • Last Guide; You can get bitcoin with cash at ATM Option 1.

If you are new to using bitcoins, you can also please click here to get started, and also click here to get started with sending and receiving bitcoins.