Do you think you know herbal incense? When you are done playing around with those puny imposters, surrender to the Master of all herbal potpourri, Master Kush Incense. As soon as you light that dish you know you have found the true herbal incense. Surrender to its musky smell and thick aromatic smoke as it winds its way deep into the recesses of your mind. Let yourself go in the fog of total relaxation. Easy lighting, long lasting and worthy of its name, mind-enhancing Master Kush incense is the only one you need to deliver you from boredom. There are lots of potpourris on the market, but those imposters don’t hold a candle to the potency of Master Kush Incense. One sticky pinch lights fast and burns for a good , long time. Long after the smoke has cleared you will still be celebrating its potent meditative qualities. Go for the best, ask for the Master Kush Incense. It’s what you want, it’s what you deserve. Demand the best in herbal Incense be delivered to your door now, before its all gone!

Disclaimer: Designed strictly for use by persons 18 & over. Any use of this product other than as aromatherapy is prohibited and is the sole responsibility of the consumer


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