how to make drug-soaked paper

Step by step on How to make drug-soaked paper the righ way

This is the most comprehensive online resource available to educate you how to produce drug-soaked paper in the United States without running afoul of the law. We’re delighted you discovered us because we have a neat way for you to get your gift delivered without any hassles if you’re in prison or reside in a place where drugs are outlawed and you’ve been seeking for a means to get it delivered without any problems. Follow along on this page to learn how to send your package in a drug-soaked envelope.

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These days, it is acceptable to send cards, notes, and tissue paper to any American prison or place. One of humanity’s fundamental needs is basic. k2 Paper is necessary in one way or another if you are a student, work from home, or both. In this post, we’ll show you how to infuse K2 spray onto paper or any other material and mail it to a loved one who is in prison or jail, wherever in the world.

Many individuals often wonder if it’s possible to create drug-infused paper because they’ve attempted and weren’t successful due to the scent of the drugs or the color shift in the paper. We are here to reassure you that it is feasible; all you have to do is figure out how to accomplish it error-free. You won’t have any problems distributing drugs via paper if you read this post through to the conclusion.

It should be noted that shipping drug-infused paper can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it properly. Always make sure you follow all the instructions to avoid difficulties because you can end up in jail. Send us a request to order our powerful drug-soaked paper as an example if you’re not sure you should make it yourself.

Please read to the end to fully understand the best method to make drug soaked paper without getting into trouble.

How to make drug-soaked paper

Best way to make drug infused sheets and ship without detection

In order to crush the medicine into powder or tiny particles if it is in solid form, you will first require a unique blender. After it is in powder form, you must dissolve it into a liquid so that you can spray it on paper. To do this, you will need some K2 spray and chemical equipment. If you are unaware of or lack K2 spray, please get in touch with us. The powder will become liquid after it is combined with the K2 spray.

The first thing to keep in mind is that oil in the spray will prevent the liquid medication spray from penetrating the paper. Additionally, you should confirm that the paper is composed of cotton, as poor quality can have an impact on the outcome. In addition, we sell K2-infused drugs at our store. If you would like a medication infused onto paper, you can also place a bespoke order.

If you are being sent to a prison, it is usually advised that you include infused cards or letters from a lawyer to facilitate the process. How to easily create paper that has been soaked with drugs. Additionally, we advise using line-striped paper for shipments to jails. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need free instruction on any step of the process.

How to dry the drug soaked paper before delivery

The final step is to let the paper dry once you’ve infused it. Place the paper in the sun or use any other drying device set to a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees. Depending on how much medicine is on the paper, you may want to let it dry completely for a longer time. Once it has dried, be sure to check to see if the paper still has any stains on it. When drying the paper, you should exercise caution because it can be quite dangerous for the paper to have stains.

To obtain a high-quality outcome, you must infuse the paper multiple times if you require exceptionally potent drug-infused paper. Prior to mailing the spiced paper, inspect the stain for stains and odors. It’s  always advisable to taste the final product before shipping to clients so that you wont have issue with business partners. Contact Top shelf Dispensary if you don’t understand the process completely.

How to ship the drug-soaked paper safely to prison

A lot of people get it wrong when it comes to shipping drug infused paper. You should be careful shipping infused paper to prison because you may end up in jail or into trouble. Shipping drug infused paper across the USA is very easy, you can send it like  a letter from a lawyer  or a document from the embassy but shipping to prison is very delicate and needs special skills.

drug soaked paper to prison

Once you receive the drug infused paper, you can write on it like its a letter from a lawyer or a private letter from his/her family. If the prison have a mail service you can ship it via mail but if it does not have you can send it normally with some food items. Order the perfect drug-soaked paper from us if you don’t know how to ship the product because we have a team of specialize staff that are willing to help you with the process.

Visit top shelf if you need to ship paper without to make drug-soaked paper at Top shelf Dispensary. We have many ways to send infused papers to prisons across the USA like using drone or shipp like a letter from a lawyer. If you are not in the USA, you can contact us on live chat or via WhatsApp for us to direct you with the complete process of shipping soaked k2 paper across the USA or to prison.