how to make drug-soaked paper

Step by step on How to make drug-soaked paper the righ way

This is the complete guide on the internet to teach you completely on how to make drug-soaked paper in the USA without getting into trouble. If you are in prison or in a state where drugs are completely illegal and you have been looking for away to have your package delivered without complications; you should be glad you found us because we have a cool way for you to get your package delivered without complications. Stick to this page as we teach you how to ship your package in drug soaked paper.

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Basic is one of the basic human needs today and its legal to send letters or tissue papers and cards to prison or anywhere in the USA. If you work at home or in the office, you are a  student you will surely need paper in one way or the order. In this post we are going to show you how to infused k2 spray on paper or any other drug and ship it to your love one in prison or anywhere around the world.

Many people always question if its feasible to make drug infused paper because they have tried and where not lucky because of the drug smell or the change of the paper color. We are here to assure you that its possible, all you need is to learn how to do it without making mistake. Follow this post to the end and you wont have issue shipping drug via paper.

You should note that its risky to ship drug infused paper if you haven’t learn how to do it right. Always make sure you follow the complete step not to get into trouble because you may find yourself in jail. If you are skeptical making it yourself you can send us a request and order our potent drug soaked paper to see and example.

Please read to the end to fully understand the best method to make drug soaked paper without getting into trouble.

How to make drug-soaked paper

Best way to make drug infused sheets and ship without detection

If the drug is in solid form, the first thing you will need is an original blender to crushed the drug into tiny particles or into powder form. Once its in powder form you need to convert it into liquid so as to spray on the paper; In this process you will need a chemical equipment and some k2 spray. Contact us if you don’t have k2 spray or you don’t know it. Once the powder is mixed with the k2 spray it will turn into liquid form.

The first thing to note is that the spray should not contain oil because it will stop the liquid drug spray not to penetrate into the paper. You should also make sure the paper is made of cotton because it the quality is low it make affect the final result.  We also sell drug infused with k2 at our shop. You can also place a special order if you have a drug you want us to infused on paper.

Its always recommended you infused cards or letters from lawyer to make it easy for it to pass if you are shipping to prisons. How to make drug-soaked paper without complications. We also recommend line striped papers when shipping to prisons.. Always contact us if you don’t understand any of the step for us to teach you how to do it for free.

How to dry the drug soaked paper before delivery

Once you have infused the paper, the last step is to dry the paper. put the paper under the sun or any drying machine at a temperature between 18 to 20 degrees. You can also allow it for a longer period depending on the quantity of drug on the paper for it to dry very well. Make sure you verify if the is a stain on the paper once its dried up. Its very dangerous for the paper to contain stains, so you should be careful when drying the paper.

If you need extremely strong drug infused paper, you need to do infuse the paper more than once to achieve quality result. check the stain for stains and odor before shipping the spiced paper. Its always advisable to taste the final product before shipping to clients so that you wont have issue with business partners. Contact Top shelf Dispensary if you don’t understand the process completely.

How to ship the drug-soaked paper safely to prison

A lot of people get it wrong when it comes to shipping drug infused paper. You should be careful shipping infused paper to prison because you may end up in jail or into trouble. Shipping drug infused paper across the USA is very easy, you can send it like  a letter from a lawyer  or a document from the embassy but shipping to prison is very delicate and needs special skills.

drug soaked paper to prison

Once you receive the drug infused paper, you can write on it like its a letter from a lawyer or a private letter from his/her family. If the prison have a mail service you can ship it via mail but if it does not have you can send it normally with some food items. Order the perfect drug-soaked paper from us if you don’t know how to ship the product because we have a team of specialize staff that are willing to help you with the process.

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