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Sunkiss CBD (70% Sativa / 30% Indica) (AAA) – Shamrock

Buy Sunkiss Sativa Online, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is a result of crossing Cagg OG X Cannatonic X Afghan Skunk strains. This is a truly unique and special strain, it has a 1.5:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This balanced cannabinoid content results in a strain with unique medical benefits and cerebral stimulation.

It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid, which means that it’s ideal for daytime use or times when you want to be satisfied but not incapacitated. The high CBD content makes this strain ideal for those prone to anxiety or those who want to focus on the task at hand. CBD has the unique ability to minimize the ‘high’ effects caused by THC without minimizing the pain-relieving properties. In other words, this strain is suitable for social situations or when you are consuming steadily but do not want to be overly incapacitated. The Sunkiss CBD Canada strain has to be among the very few with this genetic makeup.

As for its physiological traits, the Sativa-dominant hybrid has narrower leaves, a greater height, and a longer flowering cycle. Growers typically have to wait a bit longer before this strain fully blooms, but it’s well worth the wait. Last but not least, the plant is very rich in trichomes, a signifier of the plentiful cannabinoid ratio. This strain has a very high cannabinoid content; it is very sticky and may gum up your grinder.

Matchless aroma & unique psychotropic effects

We’d be remiss not to mention the taste and effects in this Sunkiss CBD marijuana review. This strain has a very likeable and impressive flavour, one reminiscent of the fresh smell of light citrus. It takes over your nostrils with impunity; it has a unique smell profile that is hard to forget.

The light citrus taste can be related to the high Limonene terpene content. The taste is very fruity, especially for the first half of the joint, the citrus flavour slightly diminishes as you get down to the roach. This is a perennial favourite at MMJ Direct with a strong customer cult following. We have yet to hear of someone who tried and didn’t appreciate this strain.

You will enjoy this state of bliss purely from a psychological perspective – your mind will love the exhilaration and tranquility. Few of life’s moments can compare to the utter quietude and comfort you feel when consuming the Sunkiss CBD. This is a great strain to start the day with or to use when you want to focus.

Excellent analgesic, stress, and inflammations

Some of the conditions that Sunkiss CBD treats are pain, stress, anxiety and inflammation. The THC content helps reduce physical pain and encourages relaxation while the high CBD content is excellent for reducing anxiety and inflammation. A steady consumption of CBD will have potent anti-inflammatory benefits, so sustained use of this strain could be linked to lower baseline pain levels.

Stress is one of the most underrated issues of the 21st century, and Sunkiss CBD effectively deals with it. After a hard day at work, there’s little that compares to the physical relaxation that comes from smoking this strain. It’s an ideal way to transition into a relaxing evening away from the stresses of the day. It’s liberating, all-encompassing, and utterly addictive, the peace and quiet, that is. This is a good strain for people with cannabis sensitivities, but it’s still best to consume with caution until you’re comfortable with the effects.

Medical properties of Sunkiss CBD

Due to the unique cannabinoid composition, Sunkiss CBD is ideal for medical purposes. The THC content will, at most, cause mild psychotropic effects and provide pain relief without a comparatively significant ‘high’ feeling. The high CBD content in this marijuana strain counteracts the THC’s effects; you’ll feel giddy and relaxed.

When consuming this strain there is little to worry about in regards to hallucinations, anxiety, or even falling asleep. These are not common side-effects of this strain unless you consume significant quantities.

People suffering from various medical conditions should give this strain a try and see if it helps. It’s a great multi-purpose strain. Most likely, they’ll feel greatly relieved and much better after getting to know how Sunkiss CBD works. Buy Sunkiss CBD online from our Mail-order dispensary and you’ll be in for a unique and memorable experience.


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