New Charge 1g Bath Salts


Express Highs only sell top-quality bath salt blends from the makers themselves. Neon Vibes 1g is one of those we’re very proud to offer you, our customers. Buy legal highs from us!


New Charge 1g Bath Salts

New charge 1g is one of the most popular legal high bath salts. This increased popularity is attributed to its effectiveness. It is made by professionals who are properly trained and as a result, they are competent in their work. Being effective means that this particular bath salt lasts longer than most of the other bath salts available in the market. Consequently, it will give you more hours of enjoying the relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We provide fast and discreet shipping and as a result, you can get it within a short time without anyone else knowing that you have ordered it. Therefore, you can conveniently and easily enjoy the relaxing experience provided by the new charge 1g just by ordering from us.

This product is not intended for human consumption.


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