Kick 1G Bath Salts


Ivory Wave Ultra soothing bath salts. Soothing bath Salts – Relax and soak away IVORY WAVE, Concentrated bath salts, please only use as advised, PLEASE do not use this as SNUFF!!!
It is also strongly recommend that you do not mix these bath salts with other similar products.


Kick 1G Bath Salts

The number of people using bath salts has increased significantly. This is primarily attributed to more people realizing the benefits of these salts. One of the most popular bath salts is kicked 1g where it is regarded as one of he best the ones available on the market. This particular bath salt will give you an enjoyable experience that will keep your mind relaxed.

Kick 1g is made by professionals who are very skilled and know how to observe the various regulations. The professionals ensure that this particular legal high bath salt is as effective as possible. Being stronger and more effective has made this bath salt one of the leading products in the market. It has also played an important role in ensuring that you get the optimum value when you use bath salt.

This bath salt is not meant for human consumption.


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