Ivory Wave ULTRA 0.5g


Ivory Wave Ultra soothing bath salts. Soothing bath Salts – Relax and soak away IVORY WAVE, Concentrated bath salts, please only use as advised, PLEASE do not use this as SNUFF!!!
It is also strongly recommended that you do not mix these bath salts with other similar products.


Ivory Wave ULTRA 0.5g | Ivory Wave Bath Salts 1000mg(1g)

Another new bath salt in our growing collection of legal highs is Ivory Wave Ultra. It’s a concentrated new addition to our bath salts category. Bath salt fans around the world have been raving about it in their reviews and for reasons.

For one, it is an extra concentrated product that they can use with ease by just following the simple directions on the label. Then, they can add some bath water before soaking into it for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath. Many have also noted that it could help them remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Chemists designed and worked on it in an approved laboratory. The content of every pack is pure bath salts. No GMOs, fillers, or extenders are added to the bath salts.

Through the years, Synthetic Incense is one of the world’s trusted sources of herbal highs, party pills, liquid herbal incense, and herbal incense, to name some. We sell more than 500 products in this space.

But even with a wide range of collections, we can ensure that each product in our store is top-notch quality, second to none. We have a systematic method for choosing bath salts before putting them up for sale. Our quality assurance team tries each of them for standards, purity, and safety.

Ivory Wave Ultra is a tried and tested product that is ultra-concentrated. Only a small amount of it can be used to achieve the purpose. A pack of it will go a long way. But then, we would like to recommend that you store its remaining content in the re-sealable original packaging.

If you’re looking for pure and quality herbal highs, choose only Synthetic Incense. We’re your reliable source of the latest and safest legal highs on the market.

Don’t keep it in a high temperature and moist place. Choose a dry and cool place to ensure its freshness and quality. Excessively high temperatures can degrade the quality of the bath salt.

Keep it out of reach of pets and children. It can be dangerous when accidentally swallowed.

Disclaimer: Synthetic Incense shall not be liable for any consequences arising from the misuse of this product. It is the customer’s sole responsibility. Read and follow the instructions on the label closely. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Please check your local laws, it is your responsibility the legislation about these products in your country.


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