Bliss Bath Salts 1g



Bliss Bath Salts 1g

The dictionary describes the word “bliss” as great joy or perfect happiness. So how do you attain “bliss”?

If you are looking for true and everlasting bliss, then it may take a lifetime to achieve such feat. And if you are in that path, we salute you. If you don’t have the time and energy, then perhaps a glimpse of bliss is all you need. Introducing the Bliss Bath Salt 1g.

Now imagine having to come home from a long day at work. You could really use some “bliss” at such moments. Well, now you can with Bliss Bath Salt. All you need to do is prepare the tub, and together with Bliss Bath Salt, you are on your way. Melt that stress away. Let those anxieties and worries fade behind as you float in a cloud of perfect happiness.

Forget about meditating 24/7 just to have a glimpse of bliss. Bliss Bath Salt can help you get there the easy way.

Keep in mind that Bliss Bath Salt is not for human consumption.


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