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About cocaine

Cocaine becomes popular in the late 20th century as a recreational drug. cocaine works on a dopamine transporter that makes it stay on the receptors causing a sweet sensation. buy Volkswagen cocaine USA, You should be very careful if you are a newbie to cocaine because you can take overdose which is very dangerous and you should know that the drug is very addictive.

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Effects of cocaine

Cocaine for sale is a very powerful recreational drug that will keep you high once you take it, you can come to California and order directly from our shop. Our cocaine comes with its own effects, so if you are buying cocaine from us it’s best to know the effects related to cocaine before making a purchase. 

below are some of the effects of cocaine:

Feelings of euphoria, exhilaration, and confidence

– accelerated heart rate

– an increase in body temperature

– a burst of energy

– the urge to have sex

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