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How to know original k2 infused paper before making a purchase

Its pains when you buy k2 paper for sale online and end up with a fake paper that can not make you high. We urge all our customers of k2 spice paper to make right decision before buying k2 paper online. A lot of customers have had issues buying soaked k2 paper online because they can distinguish original from  fake paper.

In this post, we are going to show you how to detect original k2 paper so that you can make right decision when making a buying online. If we still have soaked paper in stock, no need to order from a shop you don’t know because you may end up with fake paper so before making a purchase you should follow this our actionable guide to know how to detect infused k2 paper.

Lets dive in on the ways of detecting k2 paper. The first way is by the color; a good k2 paper should be colorless and odorless since you are sending to prison. Always make sure the k2 paper you are ordering is colorless and odorless to avoid detection if you want to send to prison.

You can also detect k2 paper by using litmus test, it involves chemicals and its done in the lap. If the paper contains k2 spray, it will change the color of the paper. This method is hardly use before of the requirement since not everybody have a lap. You can also smoke the paper to test if it will make you high.

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